Choosing the right chauffeur company for you

Choosing the right chauffeur company can often be a time consuming, daunting and somewhat expensive affair. There are companies that charge too much, offer too little and struggle when it comes to offering a professional service.

So what should you look for when trying to find a chauffeur company that is a perfect match for you, your clients and company?

The below pointers offer a great start and will ensure that you are never disappointed!


Simply put, how long has the company been operating?

The most professional companies have a good few years behind them with a wealth of experience. They possess a good knowledge of the local areas, best restaurants and bars which helps when furthering the client experience.

An experienced company will be more than just a driver.


A bit of research can go a long way and checking out a company site, social profiles and reviews will often give you a good insight into the company and past clients.

Any company worth their salt will have a review platform, openly available for browsing customers. Recognition and awards based on service will also show the ability to go above and beyond for their customers.

This brings us on to our next point……

Online activity

It is important to choose a company that is up to date and active with their website and social profiles. Regular activity on FB, Twitter and Google + are a good indication of a professional company.

Companies that do not update their social profiles, have no reviews and / or have a basic site with no functionality should be avoided.

Personable service

As mentioned above, it is vital that the company you choose offers you more than just a ‘driver’. Any experienced driver will make a client feel welcome and comfortable straight away. Drivers possess a good knowledge of the area, best places to eat and entertain guests etc.

A driver that takes the time to get to know you is a driver that you will use time after time!

Vehicle / Fleet

There is a well known saying; you get what you pay for! If you are looking to entertain guests and create a good impression, turning up in a typical, bog standard taxi may not cut it!

Typically, BMW’s, Audis and Mercedes offer the most luxurious travel, look the part and are incredibly reliable.

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